Super Delicious DEHATI MURGA BHAAT, Jonha Falls, Ranchi I Unseen Hip-hop Culture in Jharkhand

Today's episode brings you a very special experience that includes hip hop dance and mouth-watering chicken and rice combo at one of Ranchi's most popular tourist spots, the Jonha Falls. We started the day by meeting the super talented and passionate members of the Ranchi Hip-hop and RTD crew team at a local ground along with our hosts Shreyoshe and Ankush. Here we got to witness some brilliant beatboxing, rapping, and hip hop dance performances by Harsh, Randeep, Aditya, Ishan, and Raja. Their passion and knowledge are extremely commendable.

After witnessing the electrifying performance, we headed to Jonha Falls to try some desi-style chicken curry and rice amidst the rugged and beautiful terrain of this waterfall. Here we meet another talented food blogger Afsa and guide Ram Kishore who were there to take us around. As we traversed through the concretized path leading to the waterfall, we came across many makeshift stalls set up by the locals selling wood carve artifacts and some easy snacks. Other than sightseeing, people, mostly the locals, come here for picnics. They cook and relish the food in the open.

After viewing the beautiful waterfall we moved to the cooking spot. Here the cooks were preparing parboiled rice, country chicken curry, and dal. The rustic style meat prepared with lots of onions, garlic, and ginger and served on sal leaves was truly divine. After having the food we went on a brief tour of Konyardih village. Here we interacted with a few of the locals who shared some details about their culture. The day ended with a heartwarming note with the amalgamation of folk and contemporary music experience.

Afsha ( @foodilicious_afsha )

Harsh ( @void_throb )

Raja ( @rtdcrew18_official )

Aditya Jaiswal ( @haankarakhai )

Ishaan ( mic_harfkala)

Randeep Mandal ( rony_the_rapper)

Ranchi Hip Hop ( @ranchihiphop)

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