The Struggle for FOOD by Delhi's HOMELESS

Census 2011 pegs the total number of homeless in India at around 1.77 million and due to the recent pandemic this figure might have registered a staggering increase. Homelessness isn't just about the lack of shelter but also about the lack of social security, livelihood, medical support, other basic amenities etc. The predicament faced by the homeless with no access to shelter, food and sanitation is so unimaginable that it leaves them starkly vulnerable. They mostly take shelter under bridges, flyovers, near places of worship, railway stations, government shelters etc.

In today's video we intend to highlight the deep struggle for food that Delhi's homeless undergo, leaving them malnourished and in a state of despair. We will get to know more about the bleak picture from the experts and understand the inadequate support provided to them in this realm. The shelter homes don't have food for all and the charity efforts too caters to a minuscule population of the homeless. as a result a large chunk of it goes hungry.

The homeless mostly procure food at three levels - first is government distribution, second is on their own and this is the privilege of working homeless and individual and community based charity at different places including the religious ones.

All these are just a drop in the ocean and it requires huge conviction to mitigate this sad state of affair that is growing even in the face of such incredible advancement.

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