Things to do in Goa

In today's episode we have joined our spirited host Conrad D'Costa for a special tour of Goa to experience it's thrilling vibes and to understand what what's it the country's favourite tourist destination. Conrad manages a real estate business but deep down his heart he is an explorer who has a finger on the pulse of the city. The journey will take you to a contemporary restaurant and a few of the popular tourist destinations.

We began the sojourn from Jamun Goa in Assagao which is a posh locality of the city. A pretty and welcoming place to enjoy a relaxed meal with your family and friends. The menu is an amalgamation of nostalgia and wonder because here they have successfully fused Goan flavours with recipes from across Indian States. Here we tried dahi ke kebab, chukandar amaranth kebab and tamatar chaat for starters. In the main course we had a veg thali with some intriguing dishes like Dhanni dhar, Ker sangri ka kofta, Kerala Veg stew etc. The food was quite phenomenal and so was the quaint ambience and the staff.

From there we went to Badem sunset point to catch a breathtaking view of the vast sky and sea. This was followed by our visit to Vagator viewpoint. This amazing vantage point place was bustling with people eager to catch the beauty of the beaches. After this we recharged ourselves with some tender coconut water and headed to Purple Martini sunset point at Anjuna Beach. This place provides a stunning view of the setting sun and is always abuzz with a merry crowd.

From there we reached the Baga Beach and headed to one of the numerous shacks for a quick snack and chilled beer. The place was all unexpectedly empty and the sound of the waves felt so relaxing. In that quiet and relaxing backdrop Conrad elucidated us about the Goan way of life.

From there we reached Toro Toro for a proper meal. It is a quirky place with a cheerful and welcoming vibe. Here we tried mud crabs and grilled prawns for starters and sorpotel and poiee for main course. We also had two of their signature cocktails as well. The food especially was truly impressive. They have an eclectic playful menu that will leave you happy.

Finally we reached Tito's lane which is renowned for the clubs, pubs, spas etc. It is an iconic place with a happening nightlife. We decided to soak in the revelry with chilled beer at Cape Town Cafe.

This tour was more about the touristy side of Goa than it's gastronomic temptations. Hope you enjoy the vibe.

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