UDAIPUR Breakfast FOOD Tour: SPICY Dal KACHORI + LILWA Burfi + Papad MASALA+ Methi GOTA + BEST Rabri

In today's episode Anubhav is out in the city of Udaipur with host Rajat Mogra, a food blogger, to unravel the breakfast scene on the streets of the City of Lakes. Being a serene and beautiful historical city, Udaipur is a tourist hotspot as a result of which it has many big and small eateries, posh and old fashioned eateries. But they were in lookout for the snacks available on the streets that are commonly consumed by the general populace on a regular basis. This also includes some old iconic joints. Let's see what all we tried.

The first thing they tried was Pohe from Jagdish Shri Restaurant at Jagdish Chowk. This light breakfast dish made with pre soaked flattened rice, some basic spices and seasonings makes for a healthy snack. It was mildly savoury, sweet and tangy.

Then they headed to Nani Gali to have some rabri from Raju Bhai's Milk Shop. This small unassuming shop sells milk and just a few traditional milk products like paneer and rabri or fresh malai. It is the dense and sweet milk fat that appears on the top on simmering milk. For those of you who love malai should definitely check it out during your visit.

From there they reached Paliwal restaurant that is famous for crisp, flaky and spicy kachoris. Apart from the distinct hing flavour, the own garam masala added a zing to these kachoris. Kachori is the most ubiquitous snack in Rajasthan.

Next destination was Lala Mishtan Bhandar. Here they enjoyed the unique wintertime special sweet treat called lilwa burfi and the interesting sounding Jodhpuri pasa. The first one was a luscious burfi made with green chickpeas paste while the second one was a khoya based glazed sweet.

Then they went to Roop Ji Nashta Center near Ghanta Ghar, that is known for its humble papad masala. It is a combination of crisp flatbread and a spicy and flavourful potato masala. The old world charm of the place enhanced the eating experience.

After that hearty treat it was time to try methi ke gote, a traditional Gujarati snack from Gayatri restaurant. It is a crisp and soft fritter made with dried fenugreek, besan and some other spices. Here they serve it with a sweet and savoury kadhi.

The penultimate food stop was Trivedi Uphar Grah, a very old sweet shop that has existed since the time of Independence. After a brief chat with the owner they settled down to try doodh jalebi, urad and saunth ladoo and moong dal ladoo. All of them had a decent homely taste. What was intriguing is amidst all the competition, the place still conserved the traditions.

Overall it was a nice experience and they realized that the breakfast scene is dominated by fried snacks or ghee and mava based sweets that were filling and tasty.

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