Ultimate KOTA Food Factory

Located on the bank of river Chambal in Rajasthan, the city of Kota was once famous for stones and saree. But today it is renowned for being the biggest engineering and medical coaching hub in the country. Recently, TVF's hugely popular show Kota Factory Season 1 and 2 have acquainted us with the stark realities of this educational hub. The series has struck a chord with many of us. So during our visit to Kota we had embarked on an intriguing journey to get a sneak peek into the lives of the industrious students residing here and discover some of their favourite eateries in the city. With the mushrooming of coaching centers, the local economy has seen a great rise across all sectors. The foodscape too has witnessed a great jump with the emergence of a number of restaurants and messes catering to the needs of the students.

Along with our host Saransh from Parindon ka Safar, we checked out some of the most famous places out here, some of which have been subtly represented in the Kota Factory series. The first one was Lala Tea Stall which is a lifeline for students and locals in Indira Vihar. The second place was Sreenath Pav Bhaji whose pav bhaji and masala pulao are a great pocket friendly options for the students on days they don’t want to have mess food.

Next we visited two popular messes named Uncle Jee Mess and Shri Gajanand Mess. Both of them serve extensive thali for lunch and dinner. Students can opt for their monthly or daily service. The platter was a balanced affair with homestyle dishes. Here we got to interact with a few aspirants who shared stories about their academic routine and life in general. Coincidentally, some of them reminded us of the characters from Kota Factory Season 1.

Next we visited Iram Juice Center for ginger coffee. They also serve a wide range of fresh juices. This was followed by a plate of steamed chicken momo from Thapa momos and a decadent brownie from Fun Zone.

Next we headed to Delhi Spice Hut for a wonderful chicken biryani which is a hot favourite amongst the students. Saransh also recommended us to try the rolls from Street 69, another bustling joint.

Finally we ended this memorable tour with paratha from Vikas Paratha and chai from Azad tea stall. These two places too are a great hit with students who are looking for budget eats.

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