WEST DELHI MOMO (Gravy + Achari + Afghani + Pizza Cheesy + Paneer Bhurji) TRAIL + SAPRA Biscuits

In recent years Delhi's love for momos has skyrocketed like never before all because of the crazy innovations. It is one such dish that is loved by people from all age groups. So in this episode, we along with our host Yashvi Bagga will be taking you to some really happening momo joints across Vikaspuri and Janakpuri in West Delhi to satisfy your never-ending cravings for this amazing street food.

We started the tour from Momo Express in DDA market. This busy kitchen cum eating and take away point serves a huge range of interesting momo. We tried their tandoori Afghani Chicken momo. As the name suggests, it is a tandoor baked momo tossed in cream, butter, and chaat masala-based sauce. We quite enjoyed the smoky, zesty, and creamy flavours of this variation.

From there we went to Capri Chef Craft opposite St. Cecilia School, Vikaspuri. This neat, tidy and flashy food cart is a hot spot for momo, noodles, etc. But at Yashvi's recommendation, we opted for Tandoori Achari Veg Momo and Paneer Gravy Momo. The latter one that's deep-fried paneer momo in Indo Chinese Style chili gravy was quite a disappointment while the former one that's the Tandoori Achari veg momo was indeed a revelation all because of the perfect balance of some really unusual elements.

After finishing it we moved to the nearby cart by the name The Sandwich junction for some refreshing drink. There were lots of amazing options but we settled for the guava chilli drink. It was a tangy, sweet, spicy, and fizzy drink made of guava concentrate. The concoction was refreshing and primed our palate for more tasty fares.

From there we went to the famous Sapra Biscuit shop to check out their huge range of bakery biscuits. We packed some badam pista cookies and headed to the nearby Suman Tea Stall for a chai biscuit experience.

After this, we visited another very popular momo joint called the Momo king in block GG1. They have such a huge variety of momo that the menu is presented in a crowded tabular form. Our pick from the place was Pizza Cheezy Paneer Momo and Piri Piri Momo. With just a random potpourri of various components, pizza Momo was a sheer disappointment. With some really tasty mayonnaise and cream, the piri piri one was comparatively better.

The last stop of this trail was Prem Momo corner. At Yashvi's recommendation, we tried the super tempting paneer bhurji momo. And succulent fusion momo was indeed a revelation especially with the creamy dip accompanying it.

The tour was an eye-opener to the fact that the dish is basically from Tibet but Delhi has made it it's own.

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