World Famous GOHANA ki JALEBI I MUST TRY 250 gms Pure Desi Ghee Sweet and Syrupy DELIGHT

In today's episode we bring you the story of gigantic jalebis that has become the identity of the city of Gohana in Haryana. In most parts of the country its shape is like a regular cookie but the ones available here in Gohana are enormous. One jalebi is nearly a quarter of a kilo and it comes drenched in desi ghee and sugar syrup.

The most intriguing aspect of this place is that a majority of the jalebi shops that line this stretch sells it under the name Matu Ram Sweet Shop. After a prolonged search we could finally trace the apparently original shop from where the jalebi originated. This shop by the name Lala Maturam ji Halwai is situated near the Telephone Exchange in Gohana and it has two branches.

We first went to one of the branches that is located near the petrol pump. As we reached there the sight of huge jalebis swimming in a pool of ghee welcomed us and the luscious aroma brightened our spirit. Soon these enormous golden brown loops dripping with sugar syrup were ready. The crisp exterior and the soft syrup laden interiors resulted in a heavenly mouthfeel. We couldn't finish this 250 gms monstrous jalebi at one go and got the rest packed.

After a quick chat with the owners we headed to the original establishment near Telephone Exchange. There we met Ramesh ji who educated us about the evolution and popularity of this jalebi that is now a huge phenomenon in this part of the country. It was fascinating to know that this jalebi was popularized by the farmers who came to sell their crops at the Mandi nearby. Not only did it replenish their energy requirement but it also emerged as a much loved treat for their successful transaction. They treated themselves and took it for their loved ones. Here the jalebi was served with a dense and grainy rabri that enhanced the richness of the dish.

Both the places were full of eager customers waiting to indulge in the juicy treat. We can clearly vouch for the delectable nature of these gigantic jalebis of Gohana.

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