World Famous PHIRNI of Pundri

Pundri, a small town in Haryana's Kaithal district is famous for a monsoon special sweet called phirni. Made of just refined flour and ghee or dalda, this delicate sweet with super fine strands resembles a nest and is indeed a labour of love.

Like ghewar, this too is a monsoon special sweets that is available for just 2 months because after or before monsoon it can't be made that effectively as the weather conditions are not conducive.

Pundri and Kaithal are the hub of this sweet from where it is supplied to the rest of Haryana and other Northern regions. It is the main sweet that is consumed in this part of the country during the festivals of teej and rakshabandhan.

To understand the nuances of this unique sweet, we had visited a phirni workshop in Pundri along with our friend Shrikant Sharma who is also a food blogger from Haryana. Phirni making is a labour intensive task as everything has to be done manually for the best result. Moreover, each of the step in this process has to be handled by a team of expert workers.

Not only did we witnessed the fascinating process but also took part in a few of them only to realize how important this coordinated effort was. The huge quantity of phirni that we saw in that workshop and across the city testified how popular this small, crunchy and melt in mouth nest-like sweet consisting of super fine strands was in this belt.

Watch till the end to enjoy this wonderful seasonal seasonal treat from North India.

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