World's Most Famous Assam Tea Industry Explorations

Our Assam tour would have been incomplete without a visit to any tea garden as the state is one of the largest producers of this popular beverage in the world. The conducive environmental conditions along with the rich loamy soil from the valley create the perfect natural setting for the production of tea. Assam tea is coveted worldwide for its distinctly smooth taste and unique hue. Be it the orthodox variety or the CTC one, its glory is non-parallel.

Through this unusual exploration, we have tried to bring you the elaborate labour-intensive tea-making process that most of us are unaware of. Join us in discovering some of the steps that go into the making of the final tea thing.

This journey started with the visit to a sprawling tea garden in Dibrugarh district of Assam. Here, not only did we interact with the dexterous, hardworking, and lively tribe of tea pluckers but also took some lessons in the same. Plucking tea is a laborious task and these ladies make it appear so effortless. We also spoke to the team leader and gathered some more insights about the work in the garden.

Next, we went to the Dinjan Tea estate in Tinsukia where we met the senior assistant manager Mr. Khalid who gave us a brief overview of the tea plant and the plucking process. He then accompanied us to the processing unit where we witnessed the different steps and finally met Mr. Navajit who was the factory assistant manager. He showed us how the tea is tasted at regular intervals so as to ascertain the consistency of the quality. It is an important and indispensable routine that allows room for any kind of rectification in the incumbent batch.

Finally, it was time for some yummy food. Our host has invited us for a scrumptious meal of Biryani and chicken curry. The spread was lip-smacking and their genial company made the experience more memorable.

We are immensely grateful to all our hosts including the team of tea pluckers who enlightened us with so much information about it. Watch this beautiful video for all the delightful details about this star beverage.

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