Yoga Capital of the World - Rishikesh

The jungles and riversides dotting the serene landscape of Rishikesh is the place where the sages practiced meditation and yoga(the ancient art of mind and body well being). Over the years the place has evolved into the Yoga Capital Of the World. It is now the most sought after spiritual hub thronged by visitors from different parts of the world. So in this episode we are presenting you an off beat exploration pertaining to our brief tryst with Yoga in the holy city.

To understand the significance of Yoga we reached the World Peace Yoga School which is a retreat cum training center. Both national and international visitors come here to learn this ancient practice of mind-body well being. They enroll for different courses and services that promises harmony and peace in oneself. Here we met the manager of the retreat who briefed us about the various practices that are followed here. He told us about the different forms of yoga and the general routine of the place. We then visited the kitchen to see the kind of food that fosters such a harmonious existence.

The peaceful environment at the dining space was a tell tale sign of the correlation between light and healthy food and body. Watch this special video to learn more about this off beat exploration.

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