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Ayurveda : Myths and Facts by Dr. Alka Vijayan

- 33 Mins 47 Secs

Nutrition plays a central role in the Ayurvedic lifestyle because that is the key to good health and well being. Healthy and wholesome food nourishes the mind, body and soul. In today's episode , we have with us Dr. Alka who is the founder of Vaisakh gardens and Tanmatra Ayurveda, to unfold the secrets of healthy living and importance of food in Ayurveda.

Food of Kerala with Maria Jose

- 27 Min 36 Sec

With a mix of about 54% Malayali Hindus, 24% Muslims and 8% Christians, Kerala is an abode to a diverse set of population. And this diversity has largely shaped the cultural and culinary canvas of this state.

All about Assamese Cuisine with Irin Kashyap

- 57 Min 53 Sec

The Assamese cuisine is a diverse, unique, simple, wholesome and delectable realm dominated by fresh vegetables, fish and meat. So in today episode we have with us Ms. Irin Kashyap, a blogger from the state who will unfold the majestic world of Assamese food.

The Happy High with Ajit Balgai

- 33 min 43 secs

Today's episode is quite a different one as we have with us someone who's a traveller, gourmand, an official cognac educator and ex bartender. Let’s welcome Mr. Ajit Balgi, the founder of the Happy High. He teaches talents about wine spirits, bartending and much more.

Odisha On a Plate with Sweta Biswal @swetabiswal

- 50 mins

In this episode we have Ms. Sweta Biswal who's here to enlighten us more about the Odia culinary heritage and unveil some it's amazing secrets.

Forgotten Greens with Shruti Tharayil @forgottengreens

- 35 mins

We have with us Shruti Tharayil, a self taught herbalist, who has extensively worked with local groups to reintroduce wild edible plant varieties among the local public.

Millet Journey - Origin, Types, Uses with Shalini @crazykadchimilletcoach

- 52 mins 40 secs

Today we have Ms. Shalini Rajani who is a millet coach. She is helping people to bring back millets into their daily dietary habits and revive their lost glory.

Exploring Flavours of Bengal with Sayantani Mahapatra @ahomemakersdiary

- 35 mins 9 secs

Today we are delighted to have Ms. Sayantani Mahapatra, who is going to unfold the rich history of Bengali cuisine.

Exploring Coastal Flavours with Deepika Shetty @shortgirlbakes

- 38 mins

In this episode we are exploring the finer nuances of this cuisine with renowned chef cum author Ms. Deepika Shetty who has done some extensive research on this rich coastal cuisine.

The Story of Paan with Madhulika Dash @dash.madhulika

- 1 hour 13 mins

In this episode we have an exceptional writer, food columnist Ms. Madhulika dash. who's here to amuse you with tales of the betel leaf or as we say paan ka patta.

Explore Bangalore Food with Ganesh V @theholehog

- 1 hour 40 mins

Let’s welcome our guest Mr. Ganesh Vancheeswaran, who's also an avid traveler and a food enthusiast. He is here to take us on a drooling journey across Bangalore.

All about Brown People We Know Podcast with Producer and Host Suraj Kandukuri @saisurajkan

- 40 mins 29 secs

We are delighted to host Mr. Suraj Kandukuri, creator of The Brown People We Know podcast series. He is here to help you all get a better view of how you can also start podcasting.

SEVA: Sikh secrets on how to be good in the real world by Jasreen Mayal Khanna @noortravels

- 20 mins 24 secs

We have with us Ms. Jasreen Khanna, a travel and lifestyle writer and author of 'Seva: Sikh Secrets On How To Be Good In The Real World. She will unfold the stories and experiences about community service with food in focus.

The Story of Coffee with Jesal Sampat @nionfoods

- 1 hour 6mins

We are here to unfold the secrets of a perfect coffee blend with Mr. Jesal Sampat, founder of Nion Foods, an organisation devoted to giving every tea- coffee lover the finest experience.

All About Biking Expeditions by Dimple Singh

- 35 mins 59 secs

We are in conversation with Dimple Singh who is a healthcare professional and a biker by passion. She holds the record for being the youngest rider to cover Sach pass and Spiti in the same ride.

Food blogging and more with Anjana @thankgodimfat_

- 35 mins 46 secs

We understand the importance of a thorough blogspot from our guest Anjana Gopakumar, a talented, new age food blogger. She is here to help budding food bloggers discover the true essence of writing and publishing blogs.

Explore Mussorie : The Queen of the hills with Gayatri @caffeinatedgoblet

- 57 Minutes

Ruskin Bond quoted in his book roads to Mussoorie “On the open road there are no strangers. You share the same sky, the same mountain, the same sunshine and shade. On the open road we are all brothers."

Food, Travel Writing and Stories with Kshipra @goutnmoi

- 43 Minutes

Today we have someone whose passion for food and travel started with family holidays. She began her writing journey in food journals and now she writes articles for the mainstream media.

The Journey of Chai Sutta Bar by Anubhav @anubhavdubey1

- 33 Minutes

Ever heard of a business plan that could evolve from a mere 3 lakh investment to a more than 100 crore business venture. It may sound like a dream but this is the story of our guest today's guest.

Travel Storytelling with Alka Kaushik @lyfintransit

- 47 Minutes

When it comes to travel stories and written accounts, the whole gamut of the ones written in English language is vast compared to the vernacular languages. So in today's episode we have with us someone who is a well known name in the domain of Hindi travel journalism.

A guide to a healthier lifestyle with Roopa Soni @soulfithealthandwellnessforum

- 52 Minutes

The last two years have been very harsh for all of us. It made us realise the value of health and a healthy lifestyle. We saw a radical shift towards a more sustainable mode of living. In all such changes, one thing that was widely discussed was nutrition.

Regional cuisine and food business with Chef Udit @uditmaheshwari

- 42 Minutes

Someone said ”Food is not rational. Food is culture habit, craving and identity” Regional food is not just food belonging to a specific region, it is the essence and heritage of that place.

Hindustani AAM ki Kahani with Noor and Bhawna @noobh_stories

- 41 Minutes

As we say summers are for nostalgia and mangoes, for some it's only for mangoes. The king of fruits and a favourite of all, mangoes have been represented in every form and scope. So in today's episode we are in conversation with two best friends, Noor and Bhawna, who are on a journey to unwind the secrets and wonders of Indian heritage.

Chai/Tea Stories and Tasting with Vedika Saneja @chaimusafir

- 1 Hour 11 Minutes

For every chai addict, an invigorating cup of tea is an answer to all his/her woes. But who all knows that the chai you have was not originally meant to be the way it is.

Travel and Food Stories of Karnataka with Raksha Rao @therovingheart

- 54 Minutes

Being a traveler by heart, she is someone who is always looking forward to expeditions. And that's what defines today's episode's speaker Raksha Rao.

Travel Stories with Usha Datta @travelkarmas

- 1 Hour 31 Minutes

Ever heard about finding peace in wandering? That's what today's speaker does. She is an architect by profession but an avid traveler by soul.

Food Shows and The Foodie Life with Psychologist Chef Ankita Chakravarty @Chefieankita

- 1 Hour 4 Minutes

She is a psychologist, Masterchef 1 Contestant, food show host, recipe curator and a chef. Ankita Chakravarty dons many hats but she most proudly refers herself to a psychologist chef.

Food Recipes, Blogging & Tips for Monetisation by Neha Mathur @whiskaffair

- 43 Minutes

Do you know what a recipe expert does and how are they different from a professional chef? It is quite an unfamiliar culinary profession right!

Rashmi Chadha : Making Travel Easier and Safe @Wovoyage

- 50 Minutes

The story of Rashmi Chadha: an entrepreneur, a travel blogger and the proud founder of Wovoyage

The story of fashion and travel blogger, Navneet @Glamadventuress

- 50 Minutes

The story of fashion and travel blogger, Navneet @Glamadventuress

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